Congratulations to Center Director Paul Jargowsky who was invited to become a Penn Institute for Urban Research (IUR) Scholar, a designation that honors and recognizes eminent scholars in the field of urbanism, and important contributors to understanding our changing cities. 

Penn IUR Scholars include scholars, researchers, and those working in the field, both in Philadelphia and around the world. Penn IUR Scholars are part of a this dynamic community of urbanists.  For a complete list of Penn IUR scholars, please click here. 

Penn IUR is dedicated to an increased understanding of cities through cross-disciplinary research, instruction, and civic engagement. As the global human population becomes increasingly urban, understanding cities is vital to informed decision-making and public policy at the local, national, and international levels. Penn IUR is dedicated to developing knowledge in three critical areas: innovative urban development strategies; building the sustainable and inclusive 21st-century city; and the role of anchor institutions in urban places. By providing a forum for collaborative scholarship and instruction, Penn IUR stimulates research and engages with the world of urban practitioners and policymakers.

For additional information of Penn IUR, please click here