Jeounghee Kim   Dr. Jeounghee Kim is an Associate Professor at School of Social Work, Rutgers University in New Brunswick. She studies the economic well-being and mobility of disadvantaged individuals and conducts quantitative data analyses applying longitudinal research methods to large public data. She is particularly interested in how human capital (e.g., education, training, and workforce development, etc.) and various public assistance policies and programs (e.g., income security, food assistance, Workforce Investment Act, etc.) affect the labor market and marriage outcomes of individuals with disadvantaged backgrounds. She is currently examining how immigrants’ post-immigration college enrollment and job training activities as well as their labor market returns to those activities vary by socioeconomic status using the Survey of Income and Program Participation. She also teaches policy analysis, social welfare policies and services, and women’s issues for MSW and PhD programs. She earned her doctoral degree from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.