Building One America
Building One America, The Center for Urban Research at Rutgers University-Camden, and Cleveland State University host 5th National Summit for Inclusive Communities and Sustainable Regions

Thursday, July 20 at 3PM through Friday, July 21 at 4PM, 2017

Rutgers Campus Center
326 Penn St.
Camden, NJ 08102

BOA has held a National Summit every two years in Washington, DC with participation from members of Congress, White House officials, national policy experts, and hundreds of local leaders from elected office, civil rights, labor and the faith community.

This year, BOA is partnering with the Center for Urban Research and Education (CURE) and Cleveland State University that focuses on policies to promote and support sustainable racial and economic inclusion in housing, schools, and jobs as well as the politics and practice of building middle class, multi-racial coalitions to advance and defend those policies.

This Summit will be deliberately focused not only on the policies but the power needed to break through on the critical issues of social inclusion and middle class expansion.

The presidential elections are behind us after a chaotic political year in which rising income inequality and issues of race have been front, center, and just below the surface. BOA, CURE, and Cleveland State will leverage these powerful political and economic themes and engage some of the most important people’s institutions in our country including labor, faith, civil rights, and local government from key regions around the country to continue building a broad-based, multi-racial people’s movement aimed at building power, advancing a new and unifying civil rights narrative and taking action around critical issue to combat economic inequality, racial segregation and promote inclusive communities and middle-class prosperity.