What is it?

It is a server where you can store, manage and analyze data. There are two main advantages: Collaboration is as easy as possible: everybody is on the same computer. Second, CDC is fast (4.2Ghz CPU), has lots of memory (8GB RAM), and fast storage (Solid State Drive), and it is backed up daily. In addition, sessions are persistent: you can connect from one computer, start some processes (e.g. run Stata), disconnect, and reconnect from some other computer to the same session continuing with the same process.


Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn (adam.okulicz.kozaryn@gmail.com)


Data (analysis, management, GIS)
Stata 12 MP-2
Qgis (ArcGIS replacement)
Python (run Emacs)
R (run Emacs)
StatTransfer (Soon)

Xournal (pdf reader/editor)
Latex (run Emacs)
Gummi (Latex)


Emacs (text editor)
Meld (compare versions)

Access from Off Campus

If off-campus: Rutgers protects its network and you need to vpn first:



I will email you cdc.rename_me file, rename it to cdc.exe, double click, and you’ll get “CDC_CONNECT” and “CDC_TRANSFER”–just double click them to connect and transfer files to CDC
To disconnect: just click “Session Suspend” from menu…


if you are not on windows: install NX Client and WinSCP (google it) and set the following:
host: aok.us.to
port: 8
for NX Client: on the first “General” tab select under “Desktop”: “Unix” and “Custom”, click “Settings” and under “Run the following command” type: “/home/shared/bin/nx_desk.sh”
I will email you user_name/login and password


start applications like in windows: click a computer icon in bottom left corner for a menu
manage folders and files like in windows: click a file cabinet icon in bottom left corner
there are 4 desktops: to change a desktop click on a desktop icon at the bottom

Directory Tree

everything is under /cdc/
/cdc/home/ has home directories (you can read and write only in your home directory)
/cdc/data/ has data (everybody can read, administrators can write)
/cdc/projects/ you can collaborate here (everybody can read and write; please DO NOT write in others projects unless invited)

this is new…email me feedback please!

Limitations & Disclaimers

if electricity goes down at 401 Cooper St, it will go down; need electricity backup…
if hardware breaks, it will go down for several hours-days(need to manually replace hardware); need automatic hardware backup
do not put here anything private/confidential etc; I am not responsible for any data loss