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CURE 2015 Annual Report


CURE director Paul Jargowsky offered research expertise in interview with Salon

“It’s really long overdue”: Why Obama’s new anti-segregation rules are coming decades late
The administration’s plans will help, but they’re just a start, Rutgers University’s Paul Jargowsky tells Salon

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CURE affiliated scholar Lori Minnite testifies in NC case on voter fraud

North Carolina does not have rampant voter fraud, one of the publicly stated reasons that state Republican leaders passed a sweeping elections law in 2013, an expert testified Thursday.

LoriLorraine Minnite, a political science professor at Rutgers University, said Thursday that North Carolina only had two verified cases of voter fraud between 2000 and 2014 out of 35 million votes cast in presidential elections and other elections where there was a large turnout. She said North Carolina residents often have a perception of voter fraud that is not supported by actual data.

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CURE affiliated scholar Joan Maya Mazelis on her forthcoming book, Our Strength Is in Our Unity

Mazelis“I’m thrilled that NYU Press shares my vision for the book. They recognize that people on both ends of the political spectrum are searching for solutions to growing inequality and see Our Strength Is in Our Unity as a meaningful part of the discussion. I’ve tried to present a tentative model for creating a stronger social safety net for the poor that’s at least somewhat realistic in the current political climate by identifying the strength a group of poor people in Philadelphia have found in unity. This model draws on the fact that the private safety net of social ties can help to fill the gap left by an inadequate welfare system. For those who participated in my research, social ties shaped their ability to survive because they built long-lasting social ties of mutual support. The book will describe how agencies and policies can support the creation of these kinds of social ties, building on the support they provide in a way that will help a greater number of people to thrive.” Read more

CURE co-sponsors regional conference on school closings- June 19, 2015