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CLASS OF 2016 JUNIORS – Are you interested in American politics and government?


 Application deadline is October 20, 2014

 Undergraduate Associates explore the practice and processes of American politics. This certificate program is open to junior undergraduate students from ALL Rutgers schools, departments and campuses. Associates learn about real-world politics and government from experienced practitioners.

Why apply?

- diverse summer/fall internship opportunities

- guest lecturers from the political world

- many networking opportunities

- small seminars with engaging discussions about politics and government

- highly selective program

- network of more than 1,600 Eagleton alumni

- opportunities to participate in special events and great food!

- job placement assistance

Students selected for the program will take a course at the Eagleton Institute during the second semester of their junior year and each semester of their senior year, as well as serve in an internship related to government or politics.

 Questions/more info?

Visit the Eagleton website at or contact Sarah Kozak at <> or (732) 932-9384 x244

CURE and Digital Studies Fall Film Series

Films of the City Poster

Dr. Deirdre Oakley’s “Drive-by” Photo Shoot of Camden

After Dr. Oakley’s successful CURE seminar on Friday, September 12th, CURE staff took her on a driving tour through Camden, NJ. Please visit Deirdre’s Social Shutter blog entry on the experience:

Dr. Richard Stansfield joins CURE as affiliated scholar!

Richard StansfieldRichard Stansfield, Ph.D. teaches courses on courts and the criminal justice system. Prior to Rutgers-Camden, Dr. Stansfield worked as Research Analyst for the State of Oregon and the Oregon State Hospital, where he was involved in risk assessment research. He continues to conduct risk assessment research with domestic violence offenders. In addition to violence, his research interests focus on youth development, urban disadvantage, race, ethnicity, and immigration. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, his research on urban disadvantages and crime also incorporates cross-national perspectives, with a particular interest in violence in England and Scotland. His work on these topics has been published in a variety of journals including Justice Quarterly, Criminal Justice & Behavior, and Crime & Delinquency.


Dr. Brandi Blessett joins CURE as affiliated scholar!


Brandi Blessett, Ph.D. is an assistant professor in the Department of Public Policy and Administration at Rutgers University-Camden. At her previous institution, Dr. Blessett served as the Diversity and Inclusiveness Research Liaison for the Center for Public and Nonprofit Management (CPNM) at the University of Central Florida. In this role, she helped nonprofit organizations build capacity in the areas of education, community health, and nutrition. Her research focuses on administrative responsibility, social equity, diversity and inclusion, and social justice. Overall, her research examines the role of public administrators as either facilitators or inhibitors of fairness, equity, and justice for historically marginalized groups. To date, she has published several articles and book chapters that explore the racial disparity that exists with regard to residential segregation, incarceration, and the administration of civil rights (e.g. disenfranchisement). In this regard, her research calls for public administration to be more responsive to the needs of all citizens, regardless of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, and ability. Dr. Blessett has also participated in a number of exchanges with the Kettering Foundation, which serves to promote collaborative interactions between citizens and institutions within society (public, private, and nonprofit) in order to create a more democratic society.

New Rutgers-Camden Digital Studies Ctr. hosts Roundtable discussion on Ferguson – 9/30