Anne B. Shlay, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology
Temple University

“The Social and Political Exclusion of Renters: Preliminary Ideas”

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 – 12:20pm
Private Exec. Dining Room, Campus Center


In the wake of the recent housing crisis, many Americans will be renters for longer periods of time than previously anticipated.  Homeownership will eventually make its return as the quintessential goal of housing policy.  But until then, people will rent.  In light of this, there may be a window through which it becomes possible to analyze and advocacy for changes in ideas about renting and rental housing policy.  This paper is an incremental step in this direction. 

Currently, renting is viewed as undesirable form of land use.  Renters are not considered to be community members.  Renters are virtual housing and community pariahs in American society.  The only apparent cure for this alleged renting malady is homeownership.  To this end, policy has focused on low income homeowner, ultimately trapping poor families within the grip of the predatory housing market.  For the typical middle class homeowner, the last several years of crisis have been a trial.  But for low income families, the housing crisis has been a complete disaster.

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