The latest issue of the Journal of Urban Affairs (Volume 35, Number 5, 2013) features a book review by center director Paul Jargowsky of The Ghetto: Contemporary Global Issue and Controversies by Ray Hutchinson and Bruce D. Haynes (Eds.)


What’s in a word? Quite a lot, apparently, if the word is ghetto and the question is being asked of urban sociologists. Debate has raged for decades over the domain of the term, the implications of referring to a place as a ghetto, and the relationship between American ghettos and analogous neighborhoods in the rest of the world. The Ghetto: Contemporary Global Issues and Controversies, edited by Ray Hutchison and Bruce D. Haynes, is a useful attempt to collect a variety of perspectives on the conceptual content and usefulness of the term within urban sociology. Hutchison describes the evolution of the term from its origins in Europe to its use in contemporary urban scholarship.  

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