Rutgers-Camden DPPA doctoral students (left to right): Prentiss Dantzler, Ashley Nickels, Spencer Clayton, Straso Jovanovski

A delegation of 17 faculty and students from Rutgers-Camden attended the Urban Affairs Association annual meeting in Miami, FL, April 8 – April 11.

  • Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn, Assistant Professor – Racial Diversity and Happiness: Add Health Panel evidence
  • Ashley E. Nickels, PhD Candidate – Detroit Snob: An Intersectional Activist’s View of the City
  • Brandi Blessett, Assistant Professor – The Hypocrisy of Democracy: Students of color, school-to-prison pipeline, and second-class citizenship
  • Christopher Wheeler, PhD Candidate – The Dynamics of Metropolitan Poverty Change: Causes and Implications for Policymakers
  • Danielle Davis, MPA Candidate – Youth are making life decisions in New Jersey public schools
  • Gloria Bonilla-Santiago, Professor, Matthew Closter, PhD Candidate, and Wanda Garcia, PhD Candidate – A Miracle on Cooper Street: A Case Study of How a University Professor Transformed a Community Through a School Named The Leap Academy
  • Lorraine Minnite, Associate Professor – The Poverty of Politics in a Northern City: A Case Study of Democratic Inclusion and Economic Exclusion in Philadelphia, 1970-2010
  • Natasha Tursi, Associate Director, Center for Urban Research and Education – Gentrification and Urban Social Movements in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany
  • Patricia Ciorici, PhD Candidate – Motivations for North-South Local Government Cooperation in the United States
  • Paul A. Jargowsky, Professor – The New Concentration of Poverty: Implications for Educational Achievement
  • Prentiss Dantzler, PhD Candidate – Temporary Housing and Permanent Homes? Determinants of Spells in Public Housing
  • Straso Jovanovski, PhD Candidate – Health Care for All: A Case Study of a Local Health Alliance and its Pursuit of Better Health Outcomes While Reducing Costs
  • Spencer Clayton, PhD Candidate – Tax Abatements and Suburban Poverty: An Analysis of the Philadelphia Area
  • Stephen Danley, Assistant Professor – “Standing Up with a Foot on My Neck”: Opposition to Public Education Privatization in Camden and Newark, NJ
  • Zachary Wood, PhD Candidate – Getting to the Roots of Homelessness: Breaking Through to a More Holistic, Client-Focused Advocacy Agenda