Congrats to our colleague Stephen Danley, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Urban Studies at Rutgers University–Camden, for receiving this competitive, national fellowship! According to Steve,

“my application is focused on the creation of a new course in our Urban Studies program titled: Community Organizing and Advocacy. I’m honored to be selected as the statewide representative in the program — I will be working closely with ENACT to create a class that builds community organizing skills in our students, then takes those skills to Trenton for real-life application and experience. It’s an opportunity for students considering careers in public service to put their ideals into action, to rub shoulders with key stakeholders, and to widen their views of potential jobs in the field of Urban Studies.”

The ENACT website states that, “ENACT represents a national expansion of Advocacy For Policy Change, a model program for civic engagement that since 2010 has engaged Brandeis undergraduates with the legislative process on key state-level social issues. The new program builds upon the original vision for the Center, which was inspired and supported by Abraham Feinberg, the father of Judith Schneider.

In ENACT courses student teams research their chosen issues, and they design and implement models of legislative activity. Students choose existing laws they can challenge on policy, legal or moral grounds, or propose laws that redress perceived wrongs. Students work with a legislative mentor and/or a member of an advocacy organization, and strive to effect social change.

The results have been impressive: More than 200 students have been engaged with the legislative process for dozens of bills – 15 of which have been signed into law – concerning 28 policy areas.”