Roland Anglin, Ph.D.  

Rutgers University

“Looking to the Future: Collaboration as Innovation in People and Place Development”

 Friday, March 29, 2013 – 12:20pm
Faculty Lounge, 3rd floor Armitage Hall


Metropolitan development patterns that developed in force after World War II encouraged significant population shifts away from central cities, leaving reduced tax bases in core cities to support public services and redevelopment. Many cities and communities have found ways, however, to improve key policies and enhance both the local economy and the quality of life.  Increasingly, significant policy outcomes are the result of an innovative amalgam of efforts by federal, state, and local government, community development corporations, education reformers, juvenile justice reformers and other all working to promote evidence based solutions. This talk explore some empirical evidence to place the impact of what some have called networked governance and puts forth a guarded judgment on the meaning for urban and metropolitan development.  Click here for the event flyer.